Amerigas Propane Discount

Amerigas Propane Discoun

NORTHEAST KINGDOM - The Northeast Kingdom Chamber of Commerce announced recently that it again will be offering a special propane discount program to its members throughout the winter of 2016-17. The chamber is partnering with one of its members, AmeriGas Propane, to offer a fixed- and floating-rate plan for its members in good standing throughout the winter.

Business owners will be able to take advantage of the discount program in a number of different ways, according to Troy Charron, manager of the local Lyndonville AmeriGas office. Not only will business owners be able to use the discount for their businesses but also for their homes. Members do not need to be new customers of AmeriGas to take advantage of this program.

The fixed price is a set price set by AmeriGas that remains the same cost throughout the year of the contract. It is pre-set, and this price will be set dependent on your fuel volume and needs. Call AmeriGas directly to determine this discounted price.

Chamber members also have the opportunity to utilize a floating-cost rate as well, said Charron. The floating-cost plan is the cost of gas to AmeriGas plus a set amount per gallon. This price adjusts weekly to conditions.

"We are very pleased to once again partner with AmeriGas to offer this plan to our members," said Darcie McCann, executive director of the Northeast Kingdom Chamber. "They are a great company, and this plan will most certainly save our members money."

AmeriGas will work with the NEK Chamber to verify that businesses, indeed, are a member of the organization. The deadline to enroll in the fixed program is July 31 of each year. Please contact AmeriGas immediately to learn more about these discounted plans.

For more information on this program or to enroll:
Troy Charron
AmeriGas Propane
260 Hill St.
Lyndonville, VT 05851
Fax: 802-626-4070

(Updated in May of each year)

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